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Fundacja Edulandia edulandia foundation

Our maxim: ” with Heart, Mind and Play”. Children, our colourful butterflies, whirl among the meadows of the imagination, flutter from flower to flower of knowledge and experience, to glide smoothly from carefree childhood to maturity. From a desire to care for all butterflies, so that they can spread their wings and soar high, reaching for their dreams Edulandia arose – a place where every child has the chance to run joyfully in an endless meadow of learning… Małgorzata Grodzka 

Patrycja Woy-Wojciechowska

Our charges

- Children and young people interested in developing their talents, improving their skills and gaining knowledge
- Children and young people requiring educational, pedagogical, psychological and material support
- Children and young people interested in sharing their skills and enthusiasm with others by volunteering
- Parents, teachers and guardians interested in increasing their knowledge of educating and raising children and young people




(polski) Teatralne Mikołajki z Fundacją Edulandia na scenie Konstancińskiego Domu Kultury!



(polski) Relacja z obozu dla dzieci w Ostródzie- lipiec 2015



(polski) Obóz dla dzieci w Ostródzie – podziękowanie za wsparcie



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